Computer Networking

We use cutting-edge technology and open source software to bring you fast, easy solutions for all of your IT needs. Avoid the hassle of finding different companies for setting up your VPN, backing up your systems, and recovering your data in the event of system failures.

Cloud Computing

The cloud is another name for web based applications and central databases. The advantages of centralization are innumerable - continuity to your applications and data with the ability to access these resources from anywhere are merely a few. Central Universe Solutions assists your business in making sound decisions that will not lock you down or incur high costs to maintain.

Network Installation and Management

The complex nature of setting up a network that includes several computers and other devices can sometimes be intimidating to business owners. Our technicians handle the set-up and make certain that the network is properly installed and secure.  

Router, Switch and VPN Setup

Setting up routers, switches, and VPNs can be incredibly complicated, especially when dealing with an entire network of computers for your business. We provide the set-up and installation to ensure that everything is running safely and efficiently.


Security is perhaps the most important aspect of computing for modern businesses. Cyber criminals can easily hack an unprotected network and take any information they want. Protect sensitive materials and keep malicious users from damaging or stealing your data. Central Universe takes security seriously, we can configure firewalls and monitor suspicious activity regarding your network and computers.

Disaster Recovery

If you are dependent on computers to take payments, track customers, communicate, manage accounting and run many core business functions, you must take into account unforeseen events like power outs, hardware failure and data loss. Central Universe can create a thorough and well documented recovery plan that simplifies and automates the recovery process, in the event of failures we will help you get back on your feet quickly.

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