Support When You Need It

Central Universe Solutions provides convenient and comprehensive I.T. support.

Customizable Business Packages

Businesses require different levels of service and protection, Central Universe Solutionsprovides customized solutions for every business. Allowing customers to pick and choose their products and services can help curtail costs without sacrificing network security.

Data Backup and Recovery

Your files and data are indispensible to your business, and that is why backing up that data is so critical.  Central Universe Solutionscan backup files on any number of computers, providing archiving services and allowing global roaming access to your files. If your computer or network crashes, there is always a possibility that some data is lost forever. When you back up your files, however, you can rest assured that your data will be there even after a devastating crash.

Mobile Devices

We provide assistance for PDA and mobile devices when necessary.

We are here to assist with your technical needs

Marketing Strategy

Corporate Branding
Social Media
QR Codes

Web Development

Content Management
Web Design
Email Templates
Video Production
Motion Graphics
Search Engine Optimization

Technical Support

Network Management
Domain Registration
Web Hosting
System Optimization
Data Backup

Print Media

Graphic Design
Copy Writing
White Papers